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About Pantheon

With an ambition to provide a platform for the youth to showcase their technical skills and display cutting-edge technologies, BIT conducts one of the biggest technical fests of Eastern India- Pantheon. Pantheon is an intricately strung assortment of technological marvels blended with a unique taste of youthful exuberance. This edition of Pantheon dove deeper into the wondrous world of technology through its intriguing theme “Cosmos: Beyond the Realms”.

"Cosmos: Beyond the Realms"

Pantheon’19 aims to celebrate the milestones set by astronomers, astronauts around the world and especially the success of ISRO in the field of space research and exploration. It also tries to encapsulate the possibilities of creating colonies in space, exploiting natural resources of other planets, and the probable existence of extraterrestrial species.

Social Campaign
"Menstrual Hygiene"


Mentrual hygeine has been an issue kept under the sheets for so long that it seems like an underlying issue of the society that shall always persist. While men and women have taken steps to create awareness and responsibility in the youth, the support of bigger organisations keeps missing. The annual technical fest of BIT Mesra, Pantheon takes a great sense of achievement in introducing 'Menstrual Hygiene' as the social theme.

Social Cause
"Education for All"

Several years ago Mahatma Gandhi had said, "By education I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit." Sad is the fact that less than 50% of children in our nation get the chance to avail education. Jharkhand, a state with considerable amount of tribal population, is far behind other states of the country in terms of education. It is only through proper learning and perfect habits of the citizens' that a village, a town, state or a country develops exponentially.